We Are The Most Trusted Visa and Immigration Consultant

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Trusted Visa and Immigration Services

Trusted Visa and Immigration Services

Aussie ASEAN, a comprehensive advisory firm, specializes in immigration and education. Our dedicated team of experts helps individuals and families achieve their dreams of studying and working abroad by streamlining the immigration process. Leveraging our profound knowledge and experience in immigration policies, job markets and educational systems; we provide tailored solutions for visa processing, academic planning, job placement, overseas residency, and language proficiency.

We are a one-stop shop for your smooth transitions into a new environments.

ICEF Accredited

Only the Icef accreditation firm

QAEC Certified Consultant

Globol Certified Counselor

Mara Registered

Registered official with the Australian Government


Select The Visa You Need

Aussie-Asian is providing ample solutions for you. You just have to select the right one and the rest is on us.

Immigration Visa

We help you to build your career by expanding your horizons.

Education Visa

For a bright future and to get a global perspective, study abroad.

Work Visa

We help you to grow your business by connecting the global network.



We partner with BADA Global, the most trusted immigration service under which thousands of universities are enrolled. It is the only firm registered under the Australian Government.

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Fill Out The Form Provided

Step one: Fill out the form with the required information to assess your visa application.

Submit Documents

Step two:Submit the required documents for the consideration of your visa request.

Make a Payment

Step Three:After approval of the Visa application, pay the visa fee.

Receive a Visa

Step Four:Check the status of your visa and receive it from the embassy.


Apply Online

Aussie-Asean provides the most convenient visa application system and can be submitted online. The requirements for applying should be met to make the process smooth and hassle-free. Apply for an online visa application by following the instructions given here.