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To check the eligibility of candidates applying for a particular  visa, the Australian government uses the point system. In this system, each point is given to the candidate on the basis of age, work experience, qualification, and English proficiency.

The points table for skilled employment for the past 10 years is as follows:

Years of  Employment










 As can be seen, with more years of work experience, points increase. This is so because the government wants to attract the workers to the country. The minimum score requirement must be fulfilled to get a visa. The points score depends on the type of Visa.

If you are interested in Australian Immigration, you should use the point calculator on the Australian Department of Home Affairs to check your eligibility. It will provide you with a personalized assessment.

Immigration Requirements

The skilled Visa requires a nomination from the Australian government.

The applicant must submit an EOI for the skilled nominated Visa.

The applicant must have a 65-point score to apply for this Visa.

The applicant must be proficient in English.

The health check should be satisfying.

A valid passport is crucial.

Business Visa Benefits

How to prepare for the test?

The Australian government accepts the IELTS general training test for the migration process. You will need to show your English language skills to the Department of Home Affairs of Australia. All four skills, listening, reading, writing, and speaking, are rated on a scale from 0-9. The IELTS can be used for a variety of visa categories. The minimum score for migration in Australia is 4.5.

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