Australian Immigration

Visa Hurdles? Aussie Asean's Expert Solutions for Australian Immigration

Want to move to Australia permanently? Then we have good news for you — Australia has opened its borders to immigrants to live a quality life in Australia. It has a history of immigrants since 1945. People around the globe prefer Australian immigration because of its career scope and dandy lifestyle. 

Australia has many opportunities for the international people. Being economically strong, Australia still aims to allow foreigners to come, work and study here. It builds opportunities for people to benefit from it and in return, Australia gets a stronger economy.

Here, we will discuss how Aussie Asean’s expert solution for Australian Immigration will assist you in your migration.

Australia Immigration Process

To apply for immigration, regardless of what stream you are applying for. You need to create an Immi Account in the Australian Department of Home Affairs. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to account for the Australia Immigration process. 

  1. Go to the official website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs. 

  2. Click on “Create Account” to create your immigration account.

  3. In step 3, provide the personal details, including family details, phone number, email address, and click “continue” in the bottom right corner.

  4. Enter the account details, set a backup, and click “submit.”

  5. After creating your account, select “Skilled” from the menu bar and fill out your application.

Filling out your online application form is a complex procedure. Contact Aussie Asean’s Visa consultant to get help in your immigration process.

Australian Immigration Requirements

To apply for Australian Immigration from Pakistan, you must meet the eligible criteria. 


  1. According to the Immigration points calculator, you must have 65 points. 

  2. You are not older than 45 years of age when applying for immigration.

  3. You must be on the skilled occupation immigration list if selecting a skilled visa. 

  4. An IELTS/PTE certificate is necessary if you are applying for an immigration visa Australia. 

  5. Qualification is an important part. You can earn points on the qualification from inside and outside of Australia.

  6.  Work experience will also earn you points for an immigration visa from Pakistan.

  7. Your spouse’s work and qualifications will also earn you points, which will help you earn points for an Australia PR visa.


According to Australian immigration rules, you need to provide certain documents, which are given below;

  1. ID Card.

  2. Valid Passport.

  3. Visa application fee.

  4. Recent photographs.

  5. Educational Documents.

  6. Work experience proof.

  7. Bank statement.

  8. English proficiency certificate.

Australian Immigration Processing Time

The Australian Immigration from Pakistan processing time varies on visa type. Usually, it takes 5-8 months. Every immigration applicant is assigned a priority number, and the application is treated according to this number.

It will cost you AUD 3,670 to apply for an immigration visa from Pakistan.


Am I Eligible for Australian Immigration?

Yes, you need to earn 65 points, according to the Australia immigration points calculator. Work experience, qualification, and proficiency in the English language help you earn the points.

What is the age limit to permanently migrate to Australia?

To move to Australia permanently, you must be 45 years of age at most.

What IELTS score is required to apply for the Australia Immigration from Pakistan?

You need 6.5 bands in your IELTS test to apply for Australian Immigration from Pakistan.