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Aussie-Asean is unparalleled in the field of immigration services and consultancy. We offer a full range of services, including skilled immigration, study visas, business visas, diplomatic visas, transit visas, and many more. We offer the following services for skilled and business immigration;

  • Skilled immigration services: Counseling, job placement, work permit, and permanent residency.
  • Business immigration: Transfer of your business to a new country, simplified.
  • Post-Visa Facilitation: Unending support continues post-visa approval, which ensures a smooth transition.

How we help you?

We help you through your immigration process, right from applying to getting settled abroad. We can help you by :

  • Consultation
  • Get assessed
  • Help in preparation for the test
  • Going to your dream destination
  • Choosing the right business program for you
  • Pre and post-departure support

Requirements for the visa

  • You should have the approval of a visa.
  • Must have work and business experience for a visa.
  • The age limit is 50 years for a skilled visa and 55 for a business visa.
  • You must have net business and assets of more than 800000 AUD and 300000 CAD.
  • For business immigration, the annual turnover threshold should be met.

Points for Business Immigration

We have a perfect track record of successful cases after a thorough assessment. With a deep understanding of international immigration rules, we provide comprehensive services.

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